In the morning of December 13th, 2018  OCSN01 and OCSN08 responded to a house fire. We weren’t there to save people but to report on the story, and get pictures for the page.

Little did we know that the people being saved by others, were people that often do the saving.

From the gofundme page:

At approximately 1130 AM on 12/13/18 the house of Toms River Volunteer First Aid Captain Alyssa Golembeski, her sister Firefighter/EMT Ashley Hollingsworth,  mother EMT Christine Golembeski (along with 3 other family members), caught fire. Captain Golembeski was trapped in the basement of the house and rescued by TRPD, sustaining superficial burns to her back and soles of her feet. The fire unfortunately destroyed the entire home (see pictures), leaving this family of dedicated, volunteer first responders homeless two weeks before Christmas. While homeowners insurance should cover the cost of rebuilding the house, this campaign aims to offset some of the costs associated with such an event; such as providing clothing, toiletries, and other household items that were lost after such a devastating event. This campaign has been authorized by the family and any and all donations would be greatly appreciated.

Please help however you can because sometimes the heroes need saving.