With our continued mission to keep residents of Ocean County informed, we are introducing some new feeds early next year. We currently maintain three live scanner feeds, FREE of charge to anyone who wants to listen. We operate a county-wide Phase 1 inclusive feed, Beta testing a county-wide Phase 2 stream, and the NJSP Troop C feed. These live feeds with metadata will always be a free service of OCSN to the public.

Coming January 2019 are OCSN Premium Live Feeds! Accessible through a user name and password, you’ll have your Choice of 5 feeds beyond the 3 free general ones.

With a nominal subscription to the website, you’ll have access to these 4 feeds at initial launch. The Premium Feeds will have the Metadata synced to the audio, so you’ll always know who is talking.

1. Ocean County EMS (All squads, Monoc South, & Medevacs that serve us).

2. Ocean County FIRE (All stations that serve us, plus NJ Forest Fire Service).

3. Ocean County Police (All departments that aren’t encrypted).

4. Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, Tri Boro EMS, and the associated beach patrols that serve the island.

5. Bordentown Simulcast of the NJ ICS 700 MHz system. *Not available at initial launch, coming February 2019.

Email the page at oceancountyscanner@gmail.com to sign up to be an early beta tester. Beta testers get early-access and a 50% off their first year’s subscription.

Beta Link for Phase 2 Feed