If you’re interested in helping out the page, please contact Staff 01 at your earliest convenience. You can email Dave at dlansing@ocsn.news or text the page at (304)506-OCSN.

This page is not an actual business, so this isn’t a paid position yet. We need people to help us turn this into a profitable business. We’re looking for the following key people, but if you want to help out another way- let us know.

1. Scanner Listeners

2. Reporters & Editors

3. Sales People for local advertisers

4. OPRA Custodian

5. Research Assistant

6. Incident Photographers

7. Assistant IT Director

8. Promotion & Marketing Director

9. Political Correspondent

10. Field Reporter

+ Many more!

*Experience and equipment is not required to help out the page. We ask that you have common sense, use your brain, and can follow directions. NO convicted felons, and nobody with a drug problem please. The page works off Google Adsense and our local advertising box that rotates. You’ll be paid for how much ad revenue you generate for the page.

Anything further, email or text Staff 01 please!

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