Here is the official press release for the Seaside drowning-turned DOA.

“On September 15th, 2018 at approximately 7:15 pm officers responded to a 911 call at Fremont Avenue and the Beach for a male victim that was observed by the caller, to have been struck by a wave and was at this time floating. Upon officers arrival, they observed the victim face down in the water approximately 30 yards out from the shoreline. Three officers entered into the water reporting a strong rip current at the location where they had entered into the water.

Seaside Heights along with Seaside Park Water Rescue Units responded and were able to locate and remove the victim from the water, Tri-Boro First Aid Units already set up on the beach, immediately initiated CPR., the victim identified as a 44-year-old, New Brunswick New Jersey man was pronounced at the scene.

The victim’s wife and young son watched first responders from the beach during the incident. Seaside Heights Life Guards are on duty 9am to 5pm weekends only until September 30th 2018″

-Detective Steve Korman, SHPD

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