Seaside Heights: North Beach- Approximately 400 Yards North of Casino Pier was a swimmer in distress. The call initially went out for the area of the Sand & Surf Motel, and asked Stations 44 & 45 to respond. It was confirmed one victim was in distress and possibly drowning. The victim was finally brought to shore where CPR was performed (10-88), and the swimmer has drowned to death. This is being ruled as a 10-29 (DOA), and the authorities are all being called in. Expect to see continued police activity as the OCSD, OCPO, & Medical Examiner need to respond. Please don’t swim at night without a lifeguard.

Our thoughts and prayers here at OCSN go out to the victim and their family. No further information will be released until the family has been notified.


Update 21:57: We have gotten reports of multiple parties drowning, but cannot confirm anything further. We can only confirm that one party was pronounced.