Around 14:00 this day a call went out for a rescue near Seaside Heights. Grant Avenue @ Boardwalk became the official command post, and Staff 01 went live there anticipating a water rescue. Turns out one of the barges already in the water had a water pipe explode on board. Three staff members were seriously injured, but remained alert and conscious the whole time. There was confusion where to bring the victims for staging as it is hard to judge location in the middle of the water. Multiple ambulances, police, and fire department members quickly set up a command post at Grant Avenue.

Then something changed, and the point of landing was changed to Captain Bill’s Landing in Point Pleasant Beach at the inlet. Last we heard the NJSP Marine unit and all other police have cleared. The victims are in an unknown condition, but alive and going to likely JSMC. I thought I heard MONOC1 get on standby, but unsure if I can confirm they flew any of these patients.
*More to come later hopefully.