Like we originally promised, we will be raffling off two great prizes for our fans. We were able to raise over $500 in cash, and over $2,000 worth of computer and networking equipment. Massive thank you to everyone who made a donation, and in return we are having this raffle. Each person or company who made a donation will be listed below with a random number assigned. Sometime Wednesday morning we will post the two lucky numbers, and the winners can claim their prizes. First prize gets choice of the NEW Amazon Fire HD 6 tablet OR the 1,000 handheld Radio Shack Police Scanner. Runner up will get whichever prize the winner passed on. Thank you again to everyone who donated, and Mr. Miller for his gracious donation in computer equipment!

  1. The Weed Tube (Company)
  2. Roseanne F.
  3. Katherine S.
  4. Louis W.
  5. Janice R.
  6. Edward K.
  7. Nancy W.
  8. Stephanie C.
  9. Mary Ellen D.
  10. William T.
  11. Aaron H.
  12. Thomas W.
  13. Claire T.
  14. Patricia R.
  15. Vera A.
  16. Karen F.
  17. Jacqueline C.
  18. Bruce W.
  19. Paul M.
  20. Jessica W.
  21. Elizabeth H.
  22. Michael R.
  23. Jersey Mama Boutique (Company)
  24. Debbie S.
  25. Emily Z.
  26. Paul P.
  27. Matthew B.
  28. Sean C.
  29. Drea H.
  30. Robin M.
  31. Donna R.
  32. Tracy M.
  33. Joanne G.
  34. Rich B.
  35. Debra M.
  36. Lisa W.
  37. Nancy N.
  38. Robbie J.
  39. Virginia H.
  40. Matt M. (Company)