We are happy to launch a beta version of a breaking news tipline tonight! Part of what makes THIS page great is our fans, and the constant tips we get from you. Effective right now, you can send your breaking news tips to tips@ocsn.news with up to 64MB of pictures and/or video. As soon as you send in a tip, it alerts the entire staff so someone on duty can read your email and act on it. We appreciate all the tips, pictures, and videos our fans send us, and this brings the page to the next level.

PLEASE- Keep the news coming in, and send everything you got to our tipline at tips@ocsn.news. We support up to 64MB of incoming attachments. 

For general interest stories, or supporting information- please send your emails and attachments to: news@ocsn.news. Sending stuff here will still go to all staff members, but it won’t come across with the urgency as the tipline will.

Thank you everyone for helping us make this page even better. This is only the midpoint of the massive upgrades we are planning.