Yesterday was a HUGE day for both Rozzi Media Group & Ocean County Scanner News in regards to a partnership on OC Radio Live! The concept of OC Radio Live is a virtual scanner where you control what you wish to hear and when. With the massive upgrades to the OCSN Network and Servers, we also are upgrading the live feeds and OC Radio Live. Listeners can enjoy LIVE streaming, and DVR-like options for 30 minutes free. There are additional times and plans for every budget, just check it out. With a premium subscription you can replay audio going back 60 days and download it in .mp3 format.
We now offer these channels on the service:
1. Ocean County 500 MHz Trunked System (ALL users, NO secondary or tactical channels)
2. Ocean County 700 MHz Digital P25 Trunked System (All users as the system is still in build-out mode)

3. ALL Ocean County towns police that aren’t encrypted. Little Egg Harbor coming soon.

4. ALL Ocean County towns fire departments & EMS (Trunked and self-dispatched)

5. NJ State 700 MHz Public Safety system (Bordentown Simulcast). This system is a mixed mode Phase 1 & 2 system, but our service handles both. We are broadcasting ALL users who are on the system and aren’t encrypted. We also only are rebroadcasting the primary dispatch channels, and secondary or tactical are omitted for officer safety.
Users on this system include; GSP, NJTP, NJ Park Police, NJ Transit Police, NJ DEP, Routine “COMM” dispatches for all troops, Howell PD 1, and all the others that use it.

Click below to give it a try!

OC Radio Live Press Release