Phase 1 of our donation period has come to a close. We raised around $550 in cash, plus around $2,500 in computer equipment. This has given us everything for our infrastructure upgrades. Once all is working this week, we can return to our core mission of posting good scanner calls. This week has been hectic to say the least, but we got most of the infrastructure built out. Thank you to each person who has donated anything to our page, we truly appreciate it. Prizes will be awarded soon for all who participated in phase 1.

If you still want to donate, please use this PayPal link —-> Donate VIA PayPal

Running Currently:
1. Now open- & websites

2. Primary Live Feed (missing channels) WITH Metadata
3. OC Radio Live (Gavin) enhancements

Coming in August:
1. NEW returned focus on quality scanner calls for Ocean County

2. Upgraded secondary main feed with a Phase 2 Digital P25 scanner
3. Additional SDR sticks to fuel OC Radio Live channels

Please comment below on how we can be a better page to you, our loyal fans!