Between the page being up and down, and some staff leaving this page to venture out, I bet many of you are confused! Fear not, I am here to make life straight for you again.
This page is the original Ocean County Scanner News, founded 07/17/2013. Chris made OCSN2 as a backup to the main page due to our frequent getting unpublished. Now Chris decided to go his own way, and take the reigns at OCSN2. Again, nothing bad or negative, he is going to build his brand for now and see how it goes. The future is still open, and no bridges were burned.

Facebook rules won’t let us change the page name until Sunday. Technically it still reads and indexes as Ocean County Scanner News 2. Chris began his own page and brand, Jersey Sure News Network, and is dedicated. Since he created OCSN2, we came to an agreement for him to take that page to rebrand. Come Sunday night, he will merge JSNN and OCSN2 under the JSNN banner and have only one main page. Our OCSN: Backup Facebook page will also remain operational due to the constant unpublishing of our main page. I warmly invite you all to give Chris Guzman a chance and see if you like his content. I don’t know for sure what he has planned, but I can tell you plenty of live feeds are in the future.

Then there is NJ Corruption Watch, which Mike does a solid job with. Mike is running his page, and you can always check him out as acting President and CEO of NJCW.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is Joey Stansbury- President and CEO of Stansbury Scanner News. He is a good person, and I recommend his page very highly. There are many places to get the truth these days on the internet, and this is good for transparency. Their encrypted radios and silent dispatches can only hide so much.