The entire political spectrum keeps talking about Fake News. Everyone is accusing everyone else of selling slant, and changing the narrative.

Advertisers dictate what the news says, because the big news stations can’t exist without advertisers. And the advertisers never want anyone to say anything bad about them, those they support, and those that support them.

So what what is the answer? We are!

Well truthfully, the answer is small, independent news agencies. Groups that volunteer their time to get the news out as fast as they can, in a way that helps assure the readers that there is little slant.

And that’s where Ocean County Scanner news comes in.

We have partnered with the Jersey Sure News Network, OCRadio Live, and various other sites to help you get the best grouping of local politics and scanner news as it breaks.

We try to be friendly with other outlets, by sharing news and information as we can, and we can only hope they do the same with us.

So please, hang with us as we grow. We will be posting faster, to more outlets. We are adding more team members to cover more stories, and have round the clock coverage. We are opening up communications with new ways to contact us, and inviting you all to join with us in conversation using our new forums.